Accreditation of LAMDA Exams - the QCF

All LAMDA Exams have accreditation as part of the national Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

This framework organises qualifications at a range of levels across a range of disciplines into a single standardised structure.

Within this structure, each qualification has a specific value. The idea is that learners can gain qualifications at their own pace and along a flexible route - standardisation means that the value of assorted qualifications can instantly be appreciated by a potential employer or admissions officer.

The QCF arranges it's qualifications into 8 levels of difficulty.

GCSEs (grades A*-C) are at Level 2, A-levels are at Level 3, while a PhD (doctorate) is at a Level 8.

LAMDA Exam levels are in line with QCF Levels.

The QCF arranges qualifications into three sizes:

  • Award
  • Certificate
  • Diploma

The size of the qualification is determined by how long it takes to complete.

Please see the table below to understand how LAMDA Exams look within the context of the QCF:

QCF Level

Lamda LevelLAMDA ExamSize
Level 1Level 1Grade 1Award

Grade 2Award

Grade 3Award
Level 2Level 2Grade 4Award

Grade 5Award
Level 3Level 3

Grade 6


Grade 7Certificate

Grade 8Certificate