Our Syllabus

Classes start at age five and can continue until eighteen and are grouped into four levels accordingly: Introductory, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.

The goal is to help students to gain skills in three main areas:

  • Technique

          Using the voice and body to communicate meaning

  • Interpretation

          Engaging emotionally and intellectually with words

  • Knowledge of

          Acting theory 

          Background to classical and modern drama in English

          Principles that underline English verse and prose

Students who attend classes at our location take a LAMDA exam every year.

For information on how the grades are arranged at "Curtain Up" please click here.

Please visit the LAMDA Exams Pages for information on the LAMDA Examinations system in general.

The Croydon Festival of Music, Drama and Dance takes place in the Spring term and "Curtain Up" enters students in the speech and drama category. For further information please visit the Festivals page